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Electrical Audit

An electrical audit is essentially carried out by an office to check the health and safety of the entire ecosystem related to electricity. It will look into points such as – electricity overloading, energy consumption, static electricity hazard checks, review of earthing protection systems and insulation inspection.

Getting an electrical audit of your premises has several benefits:

  • Avoid Losses: electrical hazard can have severe implications for a company. It can lead to fire hazard, shocks, burns, which could impact life and property.

  • Save Costs: an electrical audit identifies equipment, systems and processes that are energy inefficient. This gives business owners a chance to rectify defects and adjust usage, also replace equipment where required.

  • Improve Equipment Life: Ensures that equipment is being used correctly to maintain health of equipment in the long term.

  • Environmental Benefits: Save energy.

  • A thorough electrical audit will give a report on best practices and help an organisation to adhere to all statutory compliance regulation, reduce risks to business and save costs.

Energy Management

With rising energy prices set to continue into the near future, it's imperative that your business looks at energy management. Reducing your energy consumption / electricity bills will have a significant impact on your operating costs. Our team of energy experts at GroupL will review your energy / power consumption, make recommendations on how to reduce the same and finally integrate these recommendations and monitor energy utilisation. In addition, we will also ensure smooth functioning of your HT/LT electrical panels or meters, pumps, DG sets, air handling units (AHU), HVAC’s etc

MEP / Repair and Maintenance

Every property / office requires maintenance from time to time. For this we offer a repair and maintenance contract that covers electrical, plumbing, carpentry and civil work. Rather than having to engage a separate vendor for each of these tasks, our clients benefit from a single point of contact. The scope of work and rates are pre-agreed and all additional work is approved by the client before commencement of task.

A qualified technician visits the site as per schedule or on need basis. A survey is completed and report submitted. Once approved, we engage relevant teams to complete the work within stipulated time as per client specifications.

Our team consisting of trade experts and customer management personnel are always available to address concerns. Our endeavour is to give you a functional office within an acceptable TAT.

  • Benefits of maintaining a property with GroupL’s RnM services?

  • Team of in – house MEP engineers

  • Minimize downtime, increase equipment efficiency and asset lifespan

  • Reduce Opex cost through correct execution

  • App driven data and analytics

  • Transparency through readily available Dashboard and MIS

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance

We ensure the indoor air quality of a building by implementing a proactive approach to air infiltration, ventilation and overall air quality management. This includes routine cleaning and maintenance of HVAC systems, air ducts and air filters. In addition, we also conduct air quality testing and monitoring to ensure that indoor air quality meets regulatory standards

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