Groupl Services

Terms and Conditions for santisation and fogging

  • All cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to start date and time of the treatment.
  • Any cancellation received less than 24 hours before start date and time or on day of the service, we will charged at Rs. 5000.
  • Should the Client choose to leave some of the furniture, etc. in any of the area where the work is to be performed, GroupL cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring to it. We will endeavor to work around it and protect your property.
  • The Client should make necessary arrangements for security during the cleaning period. Under any circumstances, we will not be responsible for misplaced/lost items.
  • We shall bring a measuring laser device and measure the area to the treated, which shall be binding.
  • The Client should be available at the time of completion of the task to avoid any ambiguities. If there is any dissatisfaction, it should be raised before the completion certificate is signed off.
  • GroupL team will provide few guidelines prior to the treatment, which needs to be followed to ensure a safe environment.
  • Any damage or mishappening due to the non – compliance of the rules not be the responsibility of GroupL.