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Manpower Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become the operational buzzword of 21st century businesses. The growing need is for leaner, more focused organizations. These voluntarily outsource peripheral activities in order to concentrate on their core business.

Think about it. There are many categories of staff needed to run an organization viz. receptionists, clerks, accountants, secretaries, computer operators, drivers, peons, liftmen etc. The trouble is that efficient people are hard to get, and inefficient people, once hired, are harder to get rid of.

Now, before adding to your payroll, consider that these have nothing to do with your core operations. They are generalists. It would be simpler if you could hire them when you needed them and weed them out when you don’t need them.

By outsourcing your manpower to GroupL, you can enjoy huge savings. Your organisation stays young, lean and flexible. We have our own ERP system to manage payroll. We pay statutory dues and file returns. Our team can recruit fresh manpower for you or take your existing manpower on our rolls. You have courteous professional support instead of labour headaches. You are free to earn increased profits by concentrating on your core business.