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  • Over 15 years of experience in providing commercial housekeeping and cleaning service.
  • It’s a convenient and hassle-free service.
  • Safe and secure: we provide professionally vetted and police verified housekeepers.
  • Ease of payments: Cheque, bank transfer, and COD.
  • Breathe healthy: enjoy a clean and sanitised environment.
  • No supervision required: our staff are trained in correct cleaning technique, using the best quality cleaning materials and machines.
  • Best in class cleaning machinery from Italy and Germany.
  • Safe cleaning chemicals: the cleaning solutions we use are absolutely safe for pets, children or elderly people. These chemicals will not cause any harm or damage. 
  • Commitment to quality: When you contact us for any work, you do not need to worry about the quality of work or material used. We will not misuse or use inferior chemicals for work to be done.
Cleansweep - Process of Marble Polishing
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Marble Polishing

At Cleansweep, we offer diamond polish for marble floors. This service is available for newly laid marble and for old floors.

Newly laid marble often has lippage and slight scratches that develop at the time of laying the marble at a construction site. Our marble polishing service will ensure smooth floors, remove all scratches, match the grouting and ensure even shine.

Old marble over time develops cracks and chips, the colour of the grouting changes, scratches appear on the floor and the marble loses its original shine. In such situations, Cleansweep provides quality marble restoration service.

We also provide maintenance packages for polished floors and offer options for sealing the floor once polished.

GroupL is a one- stop shop for our clients facility management and manpower needs. We provide property / building management, security guards, electronic security systems, security training, commercial housekeeping, manpower and payroll outsourcing.

We strive to achieve our dream by providing gainful employment to the youth of India through our services. We work with people who work with you to help increase your profits.

We provide better people as security guards, as housekeepers, as loaders, electricians, peons, and many, many more categories. Better because they have been trained, better because we care.